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With our low discount rates, you really can’t beat the value that we offer here at Affordable Answering Service. Outsourcing the management of your phone calls & messaging can save you thousands of dollars in overhead every year, and with our discount rates you can save even more.  We specialize in answering services, call center solutions, virtual receptionist services and customer service. Click on the links below to find out more about our services.

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Services Overview

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    We have compiled a list of 37 useful questions helpful in making a comparison of answering services. Highlight the important questions for your business from the list below and then use them to compare Affordable Answering Service to other services that you are considering. Ask questions and check off the features the other services…
  • Industries We Serve

    At Affordable Answering Service, we provide business answering services to thousands of small, medium and large businesses around the globe.  Our agents are trained to answer calls for lawyers, doctors, information technology companies, property management firms, Realtors, small businesses, entrepreneurs, funeral homes, HVAC services and more.

Did You Know?

  • 33% of callers will not leave a message in voicemail.
  • 45% of callers will not call back if they receive no answer or a voice mail.
  • 75% of all business transactions are not completed on the first call.
  • 60% of all incoming calls are less important than the work they interrupt.
  • 70% of executive time is spent in meetings, on another call or out of the office.
  • 24% of all business communication is time sensitive.
You really can’t afford to be without an affordable and reliable answering service. Contact us today at 1-800-645-2616 for more information about how we can help you provide your customers with better service. [/one_third last]