Compare Answering Services

If you do not ask the important questions now, you may be in for some surprises down the road.

Not all services are created equal; compare answering services before you commit. We have compiled a list of 37 useful questions helpful in making a comparison of answering services. Highlight the important questions for your business from the list below and then use them to compare Affordable Answering Service to other services that you are considering. Ask questions and check off the features the other services offer and then make your final comparison before buying.

Features AnswerFirst Service 1 Service 2
Does the normal rate include answering on holidays, weekend or nights?
Can you forward your phones any time you wish without penalty or additional charges?
Does the service offer 24 hour escalation to management for issues or problems?
In the event of a power outage, will the service continue to function?
Is your account data protected by a firewall and backed up daily?
Does the service offer internet and telephone redundancy?
Does the service archive your messages & data for no additional charge?
Is your account assigned a unique phone number not used by other clients?
Are all your calls answered by agents in the U.S.?
Does the service utilize separate dispatch operators to minimize mistakes?
Are your calls never interrupted to answer other calls (callers not put on hold)?
Does the service employ bilingual (Spanish) operators?
Can the service patch callers to you in the continental U.S. without long distance fees?
Does the service offer all delivery methods without assessing additional fees?
Does the service record all calls to and make them available to you at no charge?
Does the service offer free activity & call log reports 24/7?
Can the service bring your inbound e-mails into the operator queue for processing?
Can voice mail services be included as part of your live operator account?
Does the service offer text messaging services (alpha, sms & e-mail)?
Does the service offer customized hold announcements?
Can you make real time on-call status changes via the web?
If using voice mail services, can messages be e-mailed to you in .wav format?
Can your data be exported in .csv format for import into your database?
Does the service provide 24/7 free web access to all your account data?
Can you access your current & past billing information via the web?
Does the service offer credit card and invoicing as billing methods?
Does the rate plan guarantee you pay only for the services you use?
Does the service bill in increments of 15 seconds or less? (no one minute rounding)
Does the service bill only after work is performed (no packages/ no flat rates)?
Does the service include an 800 number at no additional charge?
Are the 800 number per minute costs included as part of regular rate?
Can you take the 800 number with you if you ever leave the service?
Does the rate plan relieve the burden of managing different size packages?
Does the service offer transparency so you know how they are performing?
Does the service offer support and escalation to management 24/7?
Can you report issues with your account through the client web portal?
Does the service answer your calls before you have to pay them for this service?

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